A baby on the way

I learned nine weeks ago that I’m going to be a dad.  I’m 36 and this is my first child.  We won’t know till week 20 what the sex is but I can’t wait.  The little person is due sometime in early December

The wood shop


This is my basement getaway. I’m finally getting my wood shop setup after many years. This was something I loved in high school and am now able to do. I’m planning to make furniture and other items for around the house.


I’ve bought a table saw, router table, dust collector, some blades and a few essentials. I still want a drill press, jointer, band saw and planer but those will come later. For now I’m of to a great start.

This all got started when my wife bought me a Kreg Jig for xmas last year. Little by little I’ve saved for these items.



Speaking of the kreg jig, I used it to build this simple out feed table. Now my cuts don’t fall off onto the floor.

Getting organized

I’ve been experimenting with a French cleat system in the workshop which helps me stay organized.  The way it works is that you cut a sheet of plywood (you can use any wood really but plywood tends to be stronger) at a 45 degree angle and about 3 1/2 inches wide.  attach it to the wall with the angle side in.  Now you can make accessories like I did here.  Simply cut another piece of plywood this time 1 1/2 inches wide and screw and glue it to your accessory and it hangs on the original board.  The beauty here is you can arrange your shop any way you want and if you change your mind just move the accessory.

Check out this video for more info.  http://youtu.be/szad36MmvQQ

wpid-IMAG1208.jpg wpid-IMAG1207.jpg wpid-IMAG1206.jpg