Band saw stand & shop update

I recently bought a new band saw (from Woodcraft in St Louis)  but it didn’t come with a stand so I built one from scrap 3/4 plywood and some 2x4s.  I originally wanted to have the saw up on casters so it could be mobile but I haven’t added them yet because I have plenty of room at the moment for it.  I can always add them as time goes on.  The Rikon saw I bought is a 10″ model so its footprint is small but works for what I need and Rikon covers it with a five year warranty which is awesome.  Anyway so the stand is jointed using my Kreg pocket hole jig and some coarse thread 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 screws.  The joints are so strong you don’t need any glue.  If this were more of a heavy duty stand I would have used more screws and added glue.  The saw only weighs 70lbs so I’m confident this will work nicely.


This was where the saw was before the stand. Not exactly easy to use.

IMAG1340IMAG1341IMAG1339IMAG1338IMAG1337 IMAG1335

As for the shop well its been growing as far as tools go.  I’m adding pieces here and there as I get more cash.  My mother&father-in-law gave me a gift card to Harbor Freight and I grabbed up some much needed items like files, router bits, a digital caliper, clamps, a Japanese flush cut saw, and a few other things.  That place is cool but just know that not all their items are made with quality in mind.

Oh yeah this little beauty saves a lot of time when changing angles on the tablesaw.  Its a digital angle gauge.  First you zero it out on the table top then stick it to the blade and start tilting it.

FB_IMG_13708814481322115 FB_IMG_13708814324838230


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